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Thanks for visiting the e-volve newletter page.  We hope you find our articles educational.  We strive to educate based on sound principles backed by experience.  We look forward to your comments and feedback.

evolve Custom Design Themes

A common misconception of evolve is that it is just for blogging and that you are limited with design and organization. This is NOT true.  Evolve is very flexible and you can have the design as custom as you want. The way evolve handles custom design is just different than static type sites.


evolve plus Social Networking - Why You Should Be Using It?

Many businesses, groups and individuals have social accounts in various places. You start out by checking Facebook, then maybe Twitter, then LinkedIn, and on and on. You may find yourself going back to these sites multiple times per day to see what's going on. You also have to manage multiple usernames and passwords. In a recent report, it was estimated that employees that have internet connected computers check their Facebook pages more than twenty times per day! When you start adding in all the other sites such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., you can quickly see how the time adds up into hours, and dollars. 

evolve Workshops

evolve runs a Webinar and workshops in Napa, CA; Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO 

What is evolve and Why You Should Be Using It?

What is evolve and Why You Should Be Using It? Evolve started over 2 years years ago as a concept of Business Coaching integrated with Relationship Management, Website Content Management and consistantly communicating with your Contacts. Over the years it has matured into a full-blown Content Management System (CMS) for business and personal websites. Evolve enables anyone to easily and quickly add and modify content, pages, navigation, pictures, video, audio and more. 


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