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e-volve formula:  90 days to a better business was developed by Dean Bowen, President of Net-Flow Corporation and Diana Gelow, Managing Coach, Gelow Coaching Group.

This formula was designed because Diana wanted her SMB clients to have websites and marketing behavior that rivaled that of larger corporations.  She came to Dean Bowen because of his experience as a technology educator, innovator and implementer.

E. Dean Bowen, Jr.Both Diana and Dean agreed the foundation of any relationship is another person.  We coined this relationship as a "Contact."  We knew if your clients could tell us if a Contact was a "Prospect", "Customer" or a "Raving Fan" we could show them how they could dramatically increase their value to their contacts by communicating the right message (Content) to their contacts.

The focus of e-volve is to ensure the right message is delivered to the right audience before determining the design format of the communication.  Once the message and content is determined then you can focus on the appropriate design and layout of the communication for each audience.  We found that when business owners spent their money on the design first, they became more frustrated because they still had to deal with their contacts and how to deliver their content.

The e-volve formula let's you focus on one thing at a time.  They found that in 90 days or less clients where evolving much more rapidly than those that tried to do the design first.

Together they built a 3 month action plan:

Month 1:  Setup Website and Organize Contacts

Month 2:   Write Content that meets the needs of Prospects, Customers, Raving Fans

Month 3:   Communicate with Contacts

Every month has a unique ingredient of success that when combined will successfully cultivate your Business while growing your Contacts.

Diana has moved her day to day focus on her Coaching and authoring her long awaited book "Power Journaling."

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