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Protect your domain name from .XXX registration
September 27, 2011 11:00AM
by: Dean Bowen
You may be aware that there are changes currently taking place in the online adult entertainment industry as a result... (more)

You may be aware that there are changes currently taking place in the online adult entertainment industry as a result of the availability of the new .XXX domain extension.

Tens of thousands of domain names have already been reserved by adult entertainment website owners.  However, not everyone is welcoming the addition of these new extensions.  Trademark owners outside of the adult entertainment industry have long opposed its launch due to concerns over their brands being registered as .XXX domain names.

Fortunately, ICM Registry, the organization responsible for the administration of the .XXX extensions, instituted a process to address these concerns.   Beginning September 2011, trademark owners who are not part of the adult entertainment industry will have the opportunity to "opt-out" of this new extension and prevent their trademarks from being registered as a .XXX domain name (i.e. yourdomainname.xxx).

Because we understand how important it is for you to protect both your brand as well as the brand(s) of your customers, we wanted to provide you with specific information on opting-out of this list. There is a one-time fee associated with opting-out that you will pay directly to the Registrar. 

Note: We are extending this notice as a courtesy.  We are not selling these services or anyway involved with facilitating this process. 

To view complete details regarding these changes, visit  ICM Registry’s site:


And to start the opt-out process via the Registrar, visit:


To ensure you protect your domain  from .XXX registration, we encourage you to start this process today. You have from now until October 28, 2011 to take advantage of this opportunity.

Our twitter follow back policy
September 16, 2011 7:01AM
by: evolvemy.com
  The 20th Century is over. The rules of business have changed. By the time many leaders realize this, they... (more)


The 20th Century is over. The rules of business have changed. By the time many leaders realize this, they won't be leaders anymore. …Welcome to the new rule book.

Catalyst from Ted CoinĂ© 


My Twitter Follow-Back Policy

I’m going to share the policy I’ve changed to September 2011. It works well for me. I've seen a big difference in the quality of followers and following since I've changed from "exclusive" to "inclusive" Social Media.  You can adopt this policy for yourself or not, as you wish.

Ready? It’s really straightforward.

I follow everyone back on Twitter. (Just about).

There, that’s my policy. Here’s why:

  1. For whatever odd reason, Twitter limits how many people a person follows. If you follow a bunch of “celebrities” and news outlets that don’t follow you back, you’ll hit a wall at 2,000 where you find you can’t follow anyone else. And even if your follow-followee ratio is close enough that Twitter lets you slip past this stupid, arbitrary wall of 2,000, you still have to stay within a close ratio to continue following more people. So any time you don’t follow someone back, you’re limiting who else they can follow. That’s not nice. Be nice by following them.
  1. Ted Coine explained that automatically following back is the ethic of the medium. It’s what you do, he said. A lot of us still act that way, and so this rule has served me well in making some really cool friends and acquaintances along the way.
  1. In this way, Twitter is pretty much the opposite of Facebook and LinkedIn, where everyone’s always asking, “Do I know you?” This open, “We’re all friends here” culture really works for me. I’m friendly in real life – I’m the youngest of 6, always looking for social gatherings – and Twitter lets me be gather online as well.
  1. Much more importantly (to me), here’s why I follow everyone back: I’m not more important than my followers. Indeed, I’m grateful every single time a person compliments me by following me. It’s their way of saying, “Hi Dean! I want to get to know you better.” For me to snub their kindness would be ungracious – and if I were ungracious, I couldn’t look my Mother in the eye. [I'm on a lifelong crusade against arrogance and making my Mother proud.]
  2. On that last point, following back is consistent with my status as an Entrepreneur, Experimentalist and Automate the Predictable, Humanize everything else. How on earth can I tell people to provide value to your Contacts, which is based entirely on manners, when I am impolite myself? So for me, it’s an easy decision.  I know some of you will find these to be strong words, especially that last part. Let me repeat: this is MY follow-back policy. These are my reasons. You may have perfectly legitimate reasons for not observing my practices, and I’m sure they work for you.  Now, it’s time for the caveats:
  1. When I follow a new person, I typically give them 7 days, to follow me back. If they don’t choose to, that’s perfectly fine. But at that point I unfollow them. I literally do not follow a single human who does not follow me as well – at least not for more than a week. No one is that important to me.
  1. I use a client (Tweetdeck) to manage my Twitter stream. I basically ignore my “All Friends” feed. Instead I set up columns on Tweetdeck that search for key words, hashtags I enjoy, or for lists of special people – my core friends, mentors and educators. I recommend you try something similar.
  2. I regularly check in withtweeteradder.com to manage my list, and to find new people to follow who share my interests, which are mostly business, leadership, social media, IT professionals and customer service.
  1. Tweeteradder.com is great. It lets me find and follow people with similar interests. You can see when they last tweeted, so you can only follow active Tweeters. You can unfollow accounts that are clearly spambots or that have become inactive. Poke around the site. There’s a lot to learn.
  1. One last thing: do I follow wack-jobs, which to me includes some members of fringe political and/or religious groups that offend me? Hmn. I’m always wrestling with this, but typically yes. I figure engagement is a great way to find common ground with those whose views are different from mine. Often, even if their beliefs in one area make me squirm, in many other respects we find all sorts of common ground. If they really, truly alienate me with their tweets, then yes, they’re out. That’s pretty rare, though.
  2. And I unfollow spammers with impunity. Glee, even. There seem to be more and more every week, and they all suck.

Okay, that’s my short (*ehem*) write-up of my follow-back policy for Twitter. I’m really interested in your comments. I know this one in particular is not universally agreed upon. Let me have it, if you feel so inclined. My favorite thing about Social Media in general is that I’m always learning.


SEO Considerations
July 27, 2011 10:00AM
by: Dean Bowen
SEO Considerations to keep in mind  (more)

By definition Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a collection of techniques and best practices aimed at improving a site's visibility in the organic search results for a given set of keywords to attract qualified traffic to a website.

Considerations to keep in mind: 

  • The days of build it and they will come are long gone
  • SEO is not a one-time setup xe2x80x93 search ranking algorithms continue to change
  • SEO requires a solid foundation xe2x80x93 a strong site that can drive vs. deter business when viewed
  • Requires analysis of your business, competitors and the market to determine positioning
  • Requires optimization and cleanup of your site to achieve higher rankings
  • Also requires a focus on activities off of your site to bring traffic and increase rankings.

Need some pointers or help with SEO, Click, Call or Email us your questions or needs. 

Social Media Keypoints and Concerns
July 27, 2011 8:51AM
by: Dean Bowen
Things to consider and concerns for Social Media  (more)

By definition Social Media is defined as the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, video and audio. Social Media Marketing is also a fancy way to describe the process of getting the right message to the right people at the right place - to create the right conversation.

Key Points to remember:
A new way to communicate on-line
It is not an option for future success
TRUE power: creating communities & 2-way dialogues
Smaller investment with a higher returns
Must have a good foundation site

Concerns people have:
What tools are available today? Tomorrow?
What will be available tomorrow?
Where should we start?
Who’s going to manage and execute?
Who’s going to create the content?
I’m not seeing results from current efforts.

Need to get your foundation set to implement Social Media or just want a tune up?  Call, click or email us to get the help you want.

1 easy was to use Xobni for new Social Media Connections
April 18, 2011 3:00PM
by: Dean Bowen
Category(s): Managing Contacts
I use to wonder “isn’t there an easy way to look for people’s Social Accounts? A couple years ago I... (more)

I use to wonder “isn’t there an easy way to look for people’s Social Accounts? A couple years ago I found Xobni.com (inbox spelled backwards). When I check my email in Microsoft Outlook, I look to the right window pain and see if I’m connected with people on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook.  Currently I use Linkedin and Twitter primarily for work and Facebook for personal.  Straight from my inbox I can request a “connection.”


There are a lot of other benefits like easily finding attachments from users under “Files Exchanged” tab or finding people I can remember their names, but I know who they have been in email groups with.  I find them under the “Network” tab. 


It takes a few minutes to install, and you’ll find you are connecting to people who you are already connected with via email. 


Good luck and let me know if you’ve found other ways to stay connected.



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