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Managing Content - Know Your Contact You will Know You Content
February 26, 2009 9:30AM
by: Dean Bowen
It's common knowledge that people you meet for the first time you speak to them very differently than you do... (more)

It's common knowledge that people you meet for the first time you speak to them very differently than you do someone that is an acquaintance and you speak to them differently someone you are very good friends with.  Since this is true, the biggest mistake people make is sending the same Content/Message to all of your Contacts instead of a Very Targeted Message for a Very Targeted Contact Classification.

Do you know what part of your Content your Contacts are paying attention to?  

Prospects:  Prospects are looking for a credible Company that has a specific product or service.  The company cannot create credibility on its on.  It needs a third party endorsement.  Testimonials are the number one way you create credibility with your prospects.  Have current Testimonials on your website and Social Media to create credibility with your Prospects.  Lastly, your Newsletter is where they will scan for information about who's using your Products and Services and do they relate to that experience.

 Customers: Customers are someone that use at least one of your Products or Services.  The Content they are looking for or need is education.  How to use your product or service better.  They like to know who else is using your Product or Service and how are they using it.  When they see this is brings more meaning and more value on how they can use your Product or Service.  Newsletters, White Papers and Forums are where they are going to get this education.

Raving Fans:  They are going straight to your Blog and Social Media sites (if they can easily find them).  Raving Fans are more interested in telling your story.  Your story most likely isn't because you've Founded Twitter, Facebook or Google.  They want to know what you are doing, what you're learning and how that will impact and benefit those you serve.

Have an experience when you shared the right Content to the Right Contact and it made a difference?  Please share with us.

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