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How I use twitter in 2 minutes or less to blog, write a newsletter and create tutorials
March 28, 2011 9:00AM
by: Dean Bowen
I give myself 2 minutes to think about my recent work experiences.  I do this by reviewing my tweets for... (more)

One of the most challenging things I have found over the past 16 years of business is to write a message to my Prospects, Customers and Raving Fans.  I sit down to write and get writers block (I don't consider myself a writer but I still feel the block non the less).

I found a simple way to work around writers block - I tweet.  It takes less than 2 minutes to think about the day or past experiences.  I think about those items that excite me about what value I'm providing to my community.  This gets me fired up because typically one of two things happens:

1.  I get really rejuvenated and excited when I think about clients like http://www.vsattui.com/ , http://www.castellodiamorosa.com/ and http://www.verio.com/services/ that are leveraging our tools and strategies to reach their audience, grow their influence and impact peoples lives with positive experiences.

2.  I get bummed when I can't think of anyone I've benefited recently.  On occasion when this happens, I review my business journal of people I've had interaction with, look at questions or struggles they've been having and give them a call or send an email letting them know I'm thinking about them and have an idea to pass by them.  Typically it's a short conversation, but it has an impact for them and for me.

Either way, tweeting takes less than 2 minutes, I think about the value I'm providing, or not providing, and it gets me motivated for the market place.

Once I've tweeted 3 - 4 times for the week, I than review my tweets, think about items that I want to expand or explain in 1 - 3 paragraphs.  I post this writing under the Blog.  This typically takes less then 5 minutes because I've actually been thinking about what I'm going to write about for days.

After I've written 3 - 4 blogs, I then reflect upon my blogs, think about the experiences our Prospects, Customers and Raving Fans have had and write about how they were impacted by our interaction.  I write 1-3 paragraphs about how a Prospect was introduced to us, what their need was and how they became a Customer.  I typically write about how a Customer learned about another product they started using and how they are better because of it.  Then I write about how a Raving Fan learned about what we are doing, how they shared our story with someone that benefited from the story - typically by becoming a customer to solve a problem.

Lastly, I create video tutorials thinking questions customers have asked that I think a quick video could answer the question for future references.  These tutorials are typically good for 6 months - 2 years.  Depending on how much the technology changes. 

That's it, that's how I take 2 minutes to get beyond writers block and create value to the community I'm involved in.  Want to learn how you too can learn about your Contacts, what they are looking to you for, how to write content specifically for them that benefits them and how to stay in Contact with your Contacts?  Call, click or submit to learn more.

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