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Why mobile and social websites for 2011
January 11, 2011 1:54PM
by: Dean Bowen
If you are considering a website redesign this year, then you need to evolve your website with a mobile and... (more)

If you are considering a website redesign this year, then you need to evolve your website with a mobile and "social website design" as part of your plan! Social Media components will be seen on everything from products and blogs, to individual webpages. You will include "sharing" links on specific pages or every page so your visitors will promote you to their network.  The Bill Gates prophecy has come true - you will have a database socially responsible driven website.  Your website will include comments and feedback. So the "brochure" style webpage will replaced with dynamiclly driven websites that are social in nature and have a real voice for the website visitors.

Did you know globally there are 4 times more mobile browsers being used than web browsers?  Mobile marketing will be the next huge upgrade that businesses will need to budget for in the next year. Did you know mobile web is part of your e-volve website?  As more and more people use their smart phones and IPad to surf the web, less graphic intensive sites (.mobi) will need to be standing ready to serve an audience that wants low graphics and high, relevant content. Some mobile browsers may want to view the full web version so give them an option Web|Mobile.  Have you looked at your website on a modible device like an iphone, droid or IPad? If there are any FLASH elements and you have not planned for a back up image to display, your site looks broken.

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