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Common business owner problems: Having trouble creating my website in a timely manner, managing my website content, knowing who to write content for, managing my blog and managing all of the social media
September 10, 2010 9:00AM
by: Dean Bowen
Category(s): Managing Contacts
One reason this is so difficult is most small business owners who do not have a full time marketing department... (more)

One reason this is so difficult is most small business owners who do not have a full time marketing department to manage all of this for them.  They are constantly wondering Who designs the web sites?  Who implements the web sites?  Who builds the web sites? How do I maintain the web site?  Who does the writing for the site? 

Another reason for the small business own frustration is working with several different venders to support their e-marketing efforts.  Small business owners are limited in time and they find all of the "requirements" to be confusing...so they donít do it. 

Time is money.  Time to find out who the vendors are, the cost to hire the vendors, and then wondering if their system is the right system to help them succeed. 

If this sounds like your or you have felt these same frustrations, know that you are not alone.  Over the years we have heard and seen these frustrations.  To illementate this frustration and to reduce the time to make this all happen, We have taken the need to work with all the various vendors and created one product.  It's a starting point, not the finish line.  It is all done under one shop, one product and one stop set up. It's easy, it is a fraction of the cost to get started, and it is all done under one roof. 

They system, the tools and the people are in place to help you evolve into a successful modern method of marketing.

"New thinking.  New Results"