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Are you frustrated with how you communicate with your contacts or want to do more with your relationships?
September 13, 2010

Dean Bowen, President of Net-Flow Corporation will present Webinar on "are you ready to evolve."

This is truly a culmination of years of research, years of experimentation and years of results.  The Concept started over a years ago while working with Diana Gelow.  It has now grown to multiple industries with multiple partnerships to accommodate the enormous amount of work that is being completed in such a short amount of time.

Attendees will learn how to eliminate the frustration of managing multiple disconnect contact databases. 

Attendees will have a better understanding of how to manage all of the content.  Attendees will learn why all of the various pages, emails, calls, social media, etc.  will meet the needs of their relationships.  Keeping the messaging to specific relationship classifications helps attendees know how to meet the needs of their Relationships.  Prospects are reading TESTIMONIALS for credibility and to see if they are like them.  CUSTOMERS are reading Newsletters and Social Media for "tips and tricks" on how to improve their Company by using the Vendors products and services.  RAVING FANS are reading Newsletters, Blogs and Social Media sites to see what's going on at your company so they can be in the know and tell you story to those they come in contact with.

Attendees will learn a lot from this Webinar.  People that are busy, that are looking for Professionals to help save them time, provide new capabilities and to help make more money should attend this webinar.  Attendees should leave the webinar feeling inspired and feeling like they have more purpose and excitement about their products and services they are offering their clients.

Interested in attending our next Webinar Tuesday September 21st, 2010 @ 10:00 AM PDT.  If your are, sign up for now --> Sign Up 

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