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How tweeting is helping people blog in 5 minutes or less
March 28, 2011

I spend 2 minutes or less 4 times a week to think about what value I'm providing the market place.  I think about this value from three different perspectives:  Prospect, Customer and Raving Fans.

When I tweet, I know I'm going to spend less than 10 minutes per week or less.  When I do this, it makes tweeting very easy and rewarding.  Easy because time wise it's very little.  Rewarding because I think about people I've been blessed to work with and provide a solution that reduces their expenses, increases their revenue and more often than not, it does both in less time then they've been able to in the past.

Typically after I've tweeted 3 - 4 times, I review the tweets, I pick one tweet and write 1 - 3 paragraphs.  I do this under blogging.  Since I'm thinking about who the audience is for this article, and I'm thinking about why it was valuable, this takes less than 5 minutes to do.

Because I know I'm going to do this ofter in less time, it makes it easier to do more often.  It feeds the whole process. 

Have an experience or rule of thumb you follow that helps you share valuable content with your contacts?  Share your comments below.

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